What is a business coach?  What is the process and what could you expect were you to hire a business coach?  Frankly, that is a question that you are going to need to ask the individual coach.  There are many different backgrounds and educations for coaches.  Some have coaching accreditation.  As for myself, my educational background is in psychology and counseling.  This combined with my extensive business experience informs and has helped me to create an effective and individualized coaching strategy.

I have a masters in clinical psychology/counseling where I was educated in both the theory and the practice of assessing human behavior as well as how to aide people to achieve desired results.  My experience in mental health is very broad and is combined with 19 years business experience in the financial markets. The specific experience in mental health that informs my methods more than any others is experience is working with families.  The family is the basic social unit.  The dynamics that occur in families form the basic components of in the rest of our social life, especially in our work life.  Additionally, small businesses are often family owned.  Even if they are not family owned, the personal lives of the owners and the work life of these owners are inescapably entwined.

My coaching method would begin with an understanding of where you see yourself right now. This sounds simple enough and sometimes it is. Most of the time, however, it is not.  Were it simple you would not be seeking a business coach. Your business life does not stand in isolation from the rest of your life, so when we are assessing the starting point, we get a thorough understanding of the rich context of your current situation.

Next, we’d like to look at where you would like to end up.  This is broken down into a few areas.  First of all, we look at how you think things should be right now, but aren’t.  This is not long term at all.  In fact, you might be gasping for air right now and before any planning can be done, we need to address the current situation.  Dealing with current situation may or may not be a significant issue. It almost always takes longer than the business owner originally anticipates.  But, laying the foundation is key to moving forward.

From this foundation, a vision for the business has the where-with-all to emerge.  And, emerge it must. A vision is more than just figuring out what the business should do.  We dig deep.  Business is hard. Things happen.  Economy happens. Employees happen. All kinds of things happen.  Imagine coming home from the beach on a summer Sunday evening.  The traffic is insane.  Imagine it comes to a stop.  There has been a disaster.  No one is going anywhere.  What do you want to do then?  Most people at that point just want to get home.  I’ve never heard of any one in a situation like this simply saying, “Ah screw it!  Traffic is really bad.  I’m not going home.  That would be too hard?”  Can you imagine?

We attempt to tap into and encourage your organic and natural vision.  In order to get through the traffic jams of business life, your vision must be as certain to you as your home is.

And then, we look at the obstacles between now and your vision.  And then we devise strategies to succeed.

In actual practice, this is certainly not a straight line.  Each of the areas described above influences each of the other areas.  You are never completely in one stage or the other.

Something we are doing concurrently to the above process is graphically depicting your business pipeline.  How do customers find out about you?  How do you (Your business) and your client connect?  How is the client treated? What services or products do you provide the client?  How, exactly, is that done?  How do you get paid?  What happens to the money?

If you are providing a product, the same process is done with the product.

We come to understand the ratio requirements of each part of the pipeline to the other parts of the pipeline.  How do you generate revenues while at the same time meet new prospective clients?  This pipeline is a living, dynamic organism.  If you get twice the number of clients, it is not jus a matter of multiplying the rest of the pipeline by two.  Different methods of providing service need to be developed for differing volume numbers.  We don’t just manage the pipeline.  We inspire the pipeline. That is a matter of assessment and transformation all the time.

So, if you were to ask this coach, Coach Chuck, “what is a business coach and what might I expect form the business coaching process?”  You would get an answer similar to what I outlined above.



Coach Chuck


Oh No! Not this Aagain

June 24, 2010

Yes, that is where we often find ourselves – back in the same place again after having said again and again, “never again!”

And then the committees form in the head:
“We told you so.”
“Back again, huh.”
And then there is the thought that if people really knew the real you they wouldn’t like, do business with, hire, love or whatever it is you’d like them to do with and for you.

How do we get in these positions? Sometimes that is an important question and sometimes it is not. Sometimes trying to figure it all out is just our ego trying to rationalize something that we know is wrong. One day in New York, I got out of the Subway on 57TH Street. I needed to go to some street in the Mid-sixties. It was a stop I’d been in before so I really wasn’t paying attention, with my mind more on some project. So as I’m walking along in my own world, at some point I looked up to see what street I was on and I was on 49TH. Obviously, you say, I’d gone the wrong way. I found myself standing, looking at that sign, mentally telling myself I knew I’d gone the right way and giving myself reasons for why I came out of the subway the way that I did. Then I Just cracked up laughing at myself. “Hey brainiac – the sign says 49. You are going the wrong way. Turn around.” I became very amused at myself for the way that I tried to rationalize something that was so obviously wrong. Why I went the wrong way is not important.
On the other hand, if I find myself, for instance, always scrambling to get my bills paid regardless of whether I make a lot of money or a little – that is something that is a bigger problem, over and above simply not having enough money. Were it a simple problem, more money would solve the problem. In order to have a better life with more money requires a change in life-long ways of doing things.
How great would it be to say – “never again!” And be confident that that were true.

Cw Markham



Coach Chuck


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Coaching is about keeping your eye on the prize. Counseling and Therapy is about untangling the mess. They are very important. Each are has inherent strength and inherent weakness. If you tell a coach that you just found out you have to go in for heart surgery they are likely to begin developing a plan to keep progress toward the goal in motion, or at least on the tracks while this procedure and the ensuing recovery takes place. A therapist may explore the feelings that arise because you are going in for heart surgery at the same age that your father died from a heart attack.
The strength in the coaching approach is that regardless of your heart condition, assuming the experience does not change your goals, you are going to want that process to be as far along as possible so that you can just get back on for the ride when you recover. The strength of the counseling approach is that our feelings produce results in the real world. The power of our belief is probably one of the most important distinguishing characteristics that separate us from other life forms. We are able to believe that which is not in our present experience and act on it. By acting on that believed reality we make it true. So, it is very important sometimes to come to terms with what it is we believe and why we believe it and decide if that is something we want to believe. As with anything else, the line between coaching and counseling is not set in stone. But, in general terms, what was just described falls into the area of counseling.
The weakness of the coaching model is that one can be so focused on a future goal that one neglects health, relationships and other aspects of the moment. When we achieve our dreams and ambitions, they are empty without those with whom we love. Counseling and Therapy, on the other hand can get so enmeshed in the past and with feelings that it becomes a tangle with no outcome. We can get lost in there.
It’s easy to see how these two areas can work together. While most excellent counselors and therapists have a little bit of the coach in them it is not their primary job. Coaching is not therapy. When coaches and counselors can work together, the therapist can help untangle the obstacles that prevent us from being the best we can be while the coach helps you devise a road map, vision a goal and achieve it.
From a practical application, this approach can end up being very economical. This is because issues that come out in counseling are often worked through quicker. Coaching is often done over the phone. The phone call might be a fifteen-minute call. When its all working together, it can be faster, better and more effective. That is the goal. And achieving that goal makes us feel good!

Cw Markham

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