Independent Business People

October 21, 2010

Independent businesses contribute tremendous value.

The environment required in order for us to continue being able to do that is threatened every day – threatened by government and by big business.  We need level the playing field so that we are able to reach the public with our message and provide our products and services and show and tell and do what we do best: provide quality service and products at a great value.

What are you doing to elevate the visibility and educate the public of the value of the independent business person?



Whether we follow our gut or a well structured plan actually depends upon how well we have practiced successfully what we have a hunch about.  If we have successfully gotten the result we want in something we have a hunch to do, then there is a good chance that following our “gut” is a good idea.  What we are actually following here, however, is muscle memory.  We are following a well structured plan that we have practiced so much it has become a hunch.

Even in cases where we have had great success, however, the caveat to following our hunch is to be observant of reality.  One guy had a great investment strategy that had worked well for him. Then, he bought six stocks in a row that went against him.  He became stubborn because of his previous success and did not recognize that the experience he was having with the six bad trades, was a foreshadowing of a changed market.  Consequently, he lost a lot of money.  So, no matter how good we have been, be open to reevaluating the facts in light of new information.

In summary, if you are in the zone, stay in the zone, but when results begin to vary, adjust quickly, let go of the hunch to move on to something new or different.

Coach Chuck

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It’s a Family Busiess

July 18, 2010

The challenges of running a business are huge. They inspire us in ways that we didn’t know they could. Imagine, if you will, these challenges, and then add family to the stew!! Sometimes it is a wonderful stew and some times it is a witches brew.

When I asked a prospective client why she called me, she said, “It’s my employees” she said, “they act like children.”

Two of the employees, I discovered, were her chilvdren. They were key managers. They were acting like children because they were her children. The ones that weren’t her children were working for her children. They patterned themselves after their boss, her children. Later, I observed that not only did they act like her children in the workplace, but, indeed, she acted like their mother. Statements among the three of them were like, “I feel betrayed.” “That is just childish.” This is not exactly the kind of language you’d expect to hear between a boss and an employee. Boss employee language might be something like, “you did not give the support in this situation we had agreed upon,” or, “you did not perform this task correctly.” The language was personal rather than professional.

The approach that has the potential of solving the business problem while supporting the family involves attention to both the business and personal. It involves recognizing that while business and personal in the family should be different, that is not always the case.

Acknowledging this reality results in the potential for a more profitable business and a happier Family.

How this is done is as different as families and businesses are different, but it is what Business Coach Chuck does.

Coach Chuck

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A happy family is 80% support and 20% accountability.

A successful business is 80% accountability and 20% support.

In other words, in a happy family, if a family member has a bad day, home is a place to retreat, renew, refresh and be loved regardless.  In a successful business, if a member has a bad day, week, quarter or year – we want to know why and how is that going to be different next time.  In a healthy family, a reasonable dose of accountability keeps us from enabling self-defeating behavior.  In a successful business – there is enough support to let the individual know that they have a team behind them.  It’s the proportion of one to the other that distinguishes the personal from the professional.

When these proportions get altered significantly, dysfunction erupts.  If one feels like home is too demanding, then joy leaves one’s life while if the work place gets “too understanding” of failure then, well, failure results.

No wonder then that family businesses are often such treacherous places.  Without clear distinctions between work and home, families and or their business can fall into disarray.

The same thing is often true of small businesses, where relationships within the business may begin more personal than business.

Working with families and small businesses to create healthier relationships for happier personal lives and more successful businesses is a very high priority with Coach Chuck.

Coach Chuck

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Maybe you already know: being good at what you
do and running a business are two different things.

If you don’t already know that, I’ll tell you:
being good at what you do and running a business are two different things.

If you already knew that, great. If you didn’t, now you do.

What do you do with that information?
There are many great systems on how to build a business.
Google “how to Run a business” and there are 323,000,000 listings. Many are very
good. Some are great. Intuit has great resources, the book E-myth is great.

But, how are YOU going to run a
business? In other words, let us assume that you find a good book
or program that teaches you how to create
a business,

How is the unique YOU, not some generic you,
but YOU, going to work this great plan? Most people in small
business that get to a suitable answer to this question, get there having been
beaten into submission by the grim facts of life that confront the business
owner that doesn’t build plan and do the plan.

Would you like to get there before the business beats
you into submission.


Maybe you already have been beaten into
submission and that is why you are reading this now.

This is what coaching is about. It is about you. It is about business
and getting you, the unique you, to build your business.

My coaching service is geared for you:

  • Results oriented
  • fairly priced
  • highly personalized

Whether you are ready to get off to a great start or ready to stop the pain
and really do it different this time, Coach chuck will coach you toward your

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