Where did these people in my head come from?

August 20, 2010

This was the first week since I started the diet that I didn’t lose weight.
It’s amazing how fast the negative chatter comes back. It’s not even that it comes back. It is just there. “See, you can’t do it. This isn’t going to work. Who are you trying to fool? “
Who are these people living in my head and where do they come from? More importantly, how do I get rid of them?
They are me.
Fortunately, there is a me that is not a basket case. There is a me that said, calmly, “okay; did I do this week that was different. I was eating sardines and sauerkraut this week at the suggestion of the guy at the local health food store. I got the sardines in Olive oil. Upon speaking to Dr. Cunic’s office, they suggested I get them in Water. Duh. Okay. That is one thing. The other thing is that I didn’t walk as much and lastly: most weeks I go out one night and have prime rib. This week I went out twice. This week: nix the olive oil soaked sardines, walk more and I don’t know about the sauerkraut.



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